Why an Edge Welded Metal Bellows?

The importance of design cannot be over emphasised

It is not unusual to encounter applications requiring design life of 5,000 to 1,000, 000 cycles that often have lateral movements and/or tilt that are under pressure or vacuum and where temperature effects, contact with aggressive chemicals or gasses may need to be considered, or where space is at a premium.

For meeting these constraints an Edge Welded Bellows has many design advantages. It is possible to design a bellows that completely meets all the requirements of your application by  specifying the correct diaphragm diameters, diaphragm profile, bellows pitching as well as material type,thickness/ply, number of convolutions, heat treatment etc.

We regularly manufacture in Inconel, Hastelloy, AM350 and 316L stainless steel should the design require it.

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